Instructor: Mba Mbulu Title of Course: Black Government 101

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(Please Note: The latest amendments to the Code of Umoja appear in RED type.)

Class # 1: Introduction to Black Government 101 [Audio Version]

The purpose of this course is to expose as many people as possible to the Black constitution that can serve as the basis of an independent, Black government. Yes, a Black constitution for Black People in North America already exists. It is called the Code of Umoja (Code of Unity), and it is more than 30 years old. At the time of the founding of the Republic of New Afrika, the Code of Umoja, Our Black constitution, was written and approved. Each Black individual should know as much about it as possible.

The Code of Umoja, Our Black constitution, is a more complete document than the constitution of the United States. As you go through the course, you will find out why. That is not to say, however, that the Code of Umoja is an entirely functional document; it has some shortcomings, but We can address each of those shortcomings at the appropriate time. As the course progresses, I will point to what I think are some of those shortcomings.

Additionally, there are sections of the Code of Umoja that might confuse you. I will explain as much as I can from a historical perspective, because many of the Sections in the document seem to have been premature. However, they must be understood within a contemporary context, assessed as such and retained, amended or abolished accordingly.

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The elements of a people-centric constitution can not precede the functional consciousness of the people who are a key to its implementation. This Code seems to not only do that, but spread its working cadres a bit too thin also. However, We need not be overly concerned with that at this point.

There are two documents that precede the classes: The Black Declaration of Independence and the Black/New Afrikan Creed. These documents are provided so that the learner might see how profoundly Black People were thinking about self-government and a Black nation only 30 years ago. Black People were thinking about it just as profoundly as the Blacks In Palmares and San Domingo hundreds of years ago, just as profoundly as the thousands and thousands of Blacks who accompanied Gabriel Prosser and Denmark Vezey, just as profoundly as Nat Turner and the Exodusters. Assuredly, Black People in the United States of America are thinking about a Black nation and self-government just as profoundly today.

We need to, as the song says, "get with the program." However, We need to recognize that the program is much more than We have been led to believe. The program revolves around Black Power, and Black Power is like a pipe dream unless it is viewed within the context of Black Nationhood. These documents will help each individual get a clearer understanding of what the program is, and of what it can be made into.

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