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Instructor: Mba Mbulu

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Class #10

Give some serious thought to the following questions:

(1) Is Black nationhood a viable solution for Black People in the United States. If so, why? If not, why not?

(2) What does abolition have to do with integration?

(3) On page 208, the following appears:

"Black People in the United States must be very aware of the image We are projecting to people in other parts of the world. Because We have been americanized and because We have a tendency to let whites use Us, people in other parts of the world who are oppressed are developing a tendency to associate Us with white people. They see Us as white people's friends who get a share of the loot when white people take advantage of other groups of people. They have good reason for developing that tendency because We represent white people in the United Nations, We fight for white people in all parts of the world and We defend the actions of white governments when We vacation in foreign lands. However, We must begin to take pains to express Our discord with whites to people in all parts of the world. We must let the struggling and oppressed peoples of the world know that We are not the allies of these international hoodlums and thieves. By so doing, We will establish Ourselves as a revolutionary force and enjoy the trust and confidence of people who are playing a part in the reshaping of the international hierarchy."

(4) On page 209, the following appears:

"Of course, the superpowers can always choose to flex their muscles, but this will mean little to people who are ready to die if necessary. The superpowers can massacre large numbers of people and destroy virtually at will, but these type responses will not get the superpowers what they want. To destroy without the hope of economic gain is to waste time, materials, energy, money and lives, and lose international prestige."

In your opinion, has anything that has happened recently in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia brought out the accuracy of that statement? And, finally, what does that statement have to do with the reality of Black People in the United States of America?

Final Exam: Review the questions from each class and think about them some more.

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