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Prerequisite Course: Failure to take Black Nationalism 101 will hinder your understanding of the issues dealt with in Black Nationalism 201. If you have not taken Black Nationalism 101, please do so. If you have taken Black Nationalism 101, please review it.

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Read the information that follows on Government and Money. Think about each carefully, and review what you have read from time to time.


Each town will have to determine what form of government is best for it at a particular time. However, Our national objective must be a democratic form of government. Taken together, the two previous sentences suggest that there are different ways a democratic form of government can be expressed, and that forms of democratic expression can change without betraying Our democratic objective.

To the extent possible, each town should be a true democracy. What that means is that each citizen of each town will have the opportunity to vote on each issue, and the outcome of the vote will determine what action the official of the town will take. But, as towns grow and unite with other towns, the sheer number of citizens might require the abandonment of the true democracy in favor of a representative democracy or a republican form of government. For that reason, Our nation's name contains the term "Republic." Technological advances might make it possible for large numbers of citizens to function effectively in a truly democratic form of government, but that is not the case now. Needless to say, at some point New Afrikans are going to have to revisit that issue.

A republican form of government can be effective if it is understood that the well-being of people, not financial or other such considerations, is the ultimate concern and mission of Our nation. First and foremost, the well being of Our people must be viewed as the key to Our success as a nation.

In a true democracy, elected officials would play the role of operatives. They would not be given the opportunity to decide what to do since they would not have the option of operating contrary to what is dictated by the vote of the people. If We can guarantee that the representatives in Our republic are obligated to act as the majority of the voters have dictated, then that would suffice. By not compromising Our priorities, that guarantee can be be secured. [Top of Page]

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In the broader view, where the money comes from is of the utmost importance. However, in a narrower sense, where the money comes from is less important than how the money is used. I will explain.

But first, We must not forget: The foundation of Our economy must be Our people, not money. Any time there is a conflict between the people and another source of wealth that can not be resolved, the people must be upheld and that other source of wealth must be abandoned. At times, abandoning a promising source of income in order to hold true to a principle might seem counter-productive; it is easy to imagine how much could be accomplished if We make exceptions here and there. But it is not easy to imagine how much harm We might do to Our objective in the long run because the negative ramifications will not make themselves immediately identifiable. By the time they make themselves known, they will have entrenched themselves and would be able to impact on Our nation in the same way an entrenched cancer impacts on a person's health.

We must be careful, very careful. Without the exception, the rule would not exist. So, there will be times when We are tempted to slight even the most sacred rule. During those times We must remember: missing out on a single opportunity is not going to kill the development of Our nation, but betraying a principle for a "rare" opportunity might hamper Us for a very long time.

Earlier, I said "in a narrower sense, where the money comes from is less important than how the money is used." In order to understand what I mean by "a narrower sense," We must make a distinction between critical and non-critical functions. If a function is of a critical or ongoing nature, the monies that support that function should never be from an outside or suspect source. Nor should outside money be used to help establish a critical function, because that would put outsiders and/or suspect sources of income in control of that critical function. Thus, how efficiently that function is carried out and whether or not it is able to continue operating would be determined by whether or not an outsider decides to continue funding that function. We don't want that!

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No critical function should be budgeted beyond the means of Our citizens and the activities of Our nation. Non-critical functions can be financed by outsiders if the function is totally paid for in advance and if the function will not create budgetary requirements beyond Our means at a later time (requires little or no follow up funding). As long as a function is not critical to Our struggle, "where the money comes from [that finances that function] is less important than how the money is used."

The basis of Our economy must be Our people, but Our economy, the economy of the Black Nation, can not be based on individuals who are shuffling and jiving when it comes to the financing of the Black Nation! We cannot make it on begrudging physical and financial handouts from Our citizens. Financing Our nation must be made a priority, to the greatest extent possible. If a citizen professes that Black nationalism is dear to him/her, but that citizen needlessly feeds something other than Black nationalism, then that citizen probably will be incapable of playing a forward role in the realization of self-government for Black People in North America.

It has been stated for decades, and I will repeat it here: We have to stop needlessly feeding the white power economy. By feeding the white power economy less, each individual can generate money that can be used to help fund a small Black nationalist budget. When I say "stop needlessly feeding the white power economy," does that mean buy Black? No it does not! Black capitalism is an appendage of the white power economy, so needlessly spending money at Black business establishments is the same as needlessly spending money at white establishments. When We need to buy from the status quo, buying Black would be preferable to buying white. But when We don't need to buy, We should not spend money, period. Money that we would otherwise needlessly feed to white power should be invested in Black nationalism instead.

Each citizen's commitment and resolve are the key to how much and how effectively We reduce Our needless spending.

The hundreds of small Black towns spread throughout North America give Black citizens the opportunity to pool dollars and use that money to address some of the needs of Our nation. We are not talking about anything new here. What We have to do is begin taking on the responsibilities that people who run nations have been taking on for thousands of years. If We stop spending money needlessly and in the wasteful-consumeristic manner white power economics trains its consumers to spend, We can support some Black nationalist programs without threatening the financial welfare of Our families.

Please review this lesson at your convenience and at your own pace. Afterwards, you can proceed to the next lesson.

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