Title of Course: Economics 101

Black Power Economics: The Building Blocks

Mba Mbulu, Instructor

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Read the essay below. Afterwards, try to get the best understanding you can of the following questions.
(1) Can you imagine what "stepping outside of white, status quo ideological boundaries in search of solutions to Our financial and economic challenges" might consist of?
(2) Are you willing to pay a "tax" to support the development of a Black Power Economic system and other Black Power social, political and economic objectives?
(3) Do you think your family is any more important than other families in the Black community?
(4) Do you think Black individuals have been talking their way "out of taking on a difficult but necessary task?"

Class #3: Our Attitude Is Our Greatest Asset [Audio Version]

Economics is a science. It is an organized system of activities as opposed to a random series of activities. The question for this class is, "What is Black People's greatest economic asset?"

What is Black People's Greatest Economic Asset?

Right now, the most precious asset Black People in the United States can develop to their economic advantage is "Attitude." Our attitude is Our greatest source of wealth, and We have to change Our attitude about money, We have to change Our attitude about why We go into business, and We have to change Our attitude about education and "success." We have to stop acting as if the white perspectives are the only appropriate perspectives, stop acting as if the white economic model is the right economic model for Us, and start stepping outside of white, status quo ideological boundaries in search of solutions to Our financial and economic challenges. In a later course, examples of stepping outside of the status quo will be suggested.

Our attitude should not revolve around a particular individual or family, but Our Community/Race of People. If We take care of Our Community, then the families and individuals that make up Our Community will be taken care of. As such, the Black community should be the recipient of a portion of the wealth each individual possesses or earns that goes beyond what s/he needs.
Put another way, Blacks who are able to do so should be receptive to paying the equivalent of a tax to the Black Community. There are several ways that can be done, but Black individuals who are serious about creating an independent Black Power economy will be more than eager to participate in and/or tolerate this process.

Understanding the individual and family as part of a greater community should be at the core of decisions concerning education, employment, going into business, imagining what "success" is and much more. Is such a change of attitude possible? It has to be, because it is necessary. Since necessity is the mother of invention, it is better to have 10 individuals who say, "We have to figure out a way to do the impossible," than 10 million individuals who say, "It is impossible for Us to do what needs to be done." 10 individuals can generate the momentum that gets the "impossible" done if they believe and persevere, because all they will ever generate is positive, aim-oriented energy. On the other hand,10 million naysayers will not be capable of accomplishing even the simplest task because they will only generate negative energy when it comes to that task. They will not only keep themselves from trying, they will attempt, sometimes without knowing it, to erode the positive energy of those who are willing to give it their best shot.

The "easy" way is for Us to talk Our way out of taking on a difficult but necessary task. However, it takes maturity and dedication to answer the bell and fight for what is best for Us. Answering the bell and fighting is what will make it possible for Us to do Our own economic thing. And, doing Our own economic thing is what will help Us develop the ability to accomplish grand things again.

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