Title of Course: Economics 101

Black Power Economics: The Building Blocks

Mba Mbulu, Instructor

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Read the essay below. Afterwards, try to get the best understanding you can of the following questions.
(1) Why is personal management a key to the development of an independent Black Power Economic reality?
(2) Do you agree that a family should fall under the category of "personal management?"
(3) What specific areas have to be managed on personal and national levels?
(4) Why can't Black People allow existing institutions to manage the development of a Black Power Economic reality?
(5) At this stage, is personal management really that critical a responsibility?

Class #4: Management Issues [Audio Version]

Economics is a science; an organized system of activities (some economic systems are more highly organized than others) as opposed to a random series of activities. This will be one of several classes that asks fundamental Economics questions, and answers those questions as simply as possible. The question for this class is, "What is management?"

What is Management?

We must understand Management as at least two separate but related processes; one Personal and the other Community/National. At this time, the most important level of Management in the Black community is personal. The personal level of Management must take place within each individual who is concerned about the elevation of Black People, and in as many households as possible. Management on the Community/National level is extremely important too, but if enough Black individuals are not equipped to manage their personal lives in a more Black-centric manner, Black People will have a very difficult time establishing an independent Black economic reality on a Community/National level.
But first things first. Let's find out what management is, and then proceed into the other areas.

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Management is the systematic recognition of needs and wants, the systematic recognition of resources, the systematic application of resources in a manner that will prioritize and address needs and wants, and the development of resources that will enhance one's ability to address needs and wants.

On a Personal level, Black individuals must be able to recognize their needs and distinguish their needs from their wants, recognize what resources they have that can address those needs, recognize the needs of the Black Community, recognize what they can contribute to help address the needs of the Black Community, and determine what they can do to increase their resources and increase their contributions to the Black Community. Each Black individual must manage her/himself with the objective of becoming a human representative of a new Black Power economic reality. We need individual Blacks to function as economic institutions to the extent that they become some of the building blocks needed to develop national Black Power institutions and a national Black Power economic reality.

Institutions! the reason the development of Community/National institutions is so important is because they will most effectively look after the needs and interests of Black People. Institutions are the keys to a Black Power economic reality. But institutions do not develop all at once; they mature over a period of time. While they mature, Black individuals must bear the burden and carry the torch.

Black individuals must be willing to attend to new Black Power institutions in the same manner they attend to a much loved baby. We can't force Black economic institutions to function on a high level sooner than they are capable of doing so. However, We must continue to feed them, nourish them, groom them, mold and remold them, encourage them and protect them until they develop into what We need them to be. What they do and look like in the beginning will not be what they do and look like after they have matured. We have to keep that in mind.

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