Title of Course: Economics 101

Black Power Economics: The Building Blocks

Mba Mbulu, Instructor

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Read the essay below. Afterwards, try to get the best understanding you can of the following questions.
(1) What is energy?
(2) What have Black People been doing with their energy that is detrimental to the development of Black Power Economics?
(3) Do you think Black America is presently the equivalent of an economic ghost town?
(4) Can you imagine what you need to do to make your energy more beneficial to Black People?

Class #7: What Has To Be Managed? ENERGY [Audio Version]

Economics is a science; an organized system of activities (some economic systems are more highly organized than others) as opposed to a random series of activities. This will be one of several classes that asks fundamental Economics questions, and answers those questions as simply as possible. The question for this class is, "What has to be managed?"

We Have To Manage Our Energy

On the personal and national/community levels, there are several resources Black People have to manage. These resources include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following: People, Attitudes, Energy , Time, Skills, Wealth and Money. In this class we will take a brief look at Energy.

What is Energy? For the purpose of this course, energy is the ability to make something happen. Energy is the fuel that motivates and empowers a person to do whatever s/he does. All energy, in my opinion, is good energy, but what people use their energy to accomplish is not always good. Unfortunately, in the Black Community, a disproportionate amount of Our energy is used to the detriment of Black People. The energy some of Us use to help white people maintain white power is detrimental to Black People, and the energy some of Us use to prey on elements of the Black community is also detrimental to Our development. We must devote more of Our energy to the development of economic activities geared toward establishing a Black Power Economic system.

If Black individuals use their energy wisely, each of Us will be able to provide a viable product or service to the Black community. If Black individuals use their energy wisely, each of Us will be able to make something good happen. Every time a Black individual makes something good happen for the Black community, Our nation takes on more life, more dynamism and more self-confidence.

Today, Black America is the equivalent of an economic ghost town because Black People provide viable goods and services to white America's economic system, not Black America's. The economic energy Black People presently reserve for Black America is practically non-existent. That will continue to be the case as long as Black People operate within the confines of a white power economic system. We can't compete within that system. To be competitive, to be productive, We need Our own system. We need Black Power Economics, and if We make better use of Our energy, We can make Black Power Economics a reality.

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