Title of Course: Economics 101

Black Power Economics: The Building Blocks

Mba Mbulu, Instructor

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Read the essay below. Afterwards, try to get the best understanding you can of the following questions.
(1) What should a reasonable economic system be more concerned about, profits or people?
(2) Why is the tree used as a symbol of Black Power Economics?
(3) Are white power economic priorities the same as Black Power Economic priorities?
(4) If Black People seized control of a white power economic system, would that make it a Black Power Economic system?
(5) As a result of taking this course, do you see why non-material factors are just as critical to economic development as material ones? Why, then, is economics always spoken of as if it were a completely material process?

Class #15: The Tree of Priorities [Audio Version]

Black Power Economics, like all economic systems, is based on a tree of priorities; the farther down a tree one goes, the closer one gets to the things that matter the most. As one nears the trunk of the tree, one finds the management of money and wealth. Money and wealth are critical elements in the economic totality, and can not be overemphasized. However, their presence near the top of the tree's trunk indicate that there are other elements even more important. We find three of those elements near the bottom of the trunk. Near the bottom of the trunk we find the management of energy, time and skills. How We, Black People manage Our energy, time and skill is even more critical to the development of Black Power Economics than how We manage the wealth and money We possess. And then, as one descends further still, one gets to the roots of the tree. One notices that the secondary roots are made up of Black People's attitudes (the second most important element), and its primary roots, the life force of Black Power Economics, is the masses of Black People. To be strong, to enable Us to continue producing powerful Black roots, We have to take care of Black People. In fact, the reason any reasonable economic system evolves is to take care of people. We should always keep that in mind.

Unfortunately, white power economics operates on a different order of priorities. Money and wealth are the most valued elements in a white power economic system, and people are the least valued. Dollars and cents, profits, eliminating those who perform the same services or provide the same goods, limiting the options of workers, cheapening the value of the consumer's assets, and using the consumer's liabilities to push him/her closer to enslavement; that is what white power economics is all about. White people refer to it as a "rat race" and "survival of the fittest." Black People could grab a piece of white power's action, and say that is the key to an effective Black Power Economic system. But a piece of white power's economic action is not the same as a Black Power Economic system. A piece of white power's action would simply be dark skinned people running a white power economic system and further empowering that system. There's nothing Black about that at all, and there's nothing about that that will help Us develop in the way We need to develop!

Black Power Economics is as far away from dark skinned people running a white power economic system as it can be. We need to begin developing an independent Black Power Economic system. To serve Our purposes, Our system will have to be something new, something very different from what today's people are familiar with. Economics 201 will get Us going in that direction. LET'S GET STARTED!


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