Course Outline

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Title of Course: Economics 201

Black Power Economics: Beyond Capitalism

Mba Mbulu, Instructor

Read the essay below. Afterwards, try to get the best understanding you can of the following questions.
(1) Is every Black individual a potential Black Power Economist?
(2) When several
Black Power Economists get together, should one expect everything to go smoothly? Why or why not?
(3) What will be the role of an
Independent Black Power Economics Governing Body?
(4) Whose wealth will
Black Power Economists govern?

Class #4: Establishing Ties and Putting the Call Out [Audio Version]

One Black Power Economist working alone is good. Two Black Power Economists working together is better. Three Black Power Economists working together is better still, and so on. As you practice what you preach in your personal life, look for opportunities to see who else might be a Black Power Economist, and contact those persons. Determine to what extent you all can work on a common platform, and work it to the max. As you work it, look for opportunities to identify and join forces with additional Black Power Economists.

Expect complications. Some individuals who claim to be Black Power Economists will be something other than that. Many will still be learning how to function as a Black Power Economist. Some will be sincere, some will not. Be aware.

At some point, probably the sooner the better, Black Power Economists will establish a Black Power Economics Governing Body. The purpose of that body will be to set up an organized system of activities that will coordinate and "manage" the specific wealth of Black People in a manner that benefits Black People the most. The only wealth that can be managed initially will be that of the Black Power Economists themselves.

Black Power Economists should not expect or seek personal gains. As a matter of fact, a Black Power Economist should expect to live a relatively low standard of living until the Black Power Economics system takes root. No decisions should be made based on disproportionately individual considerations. A Black Power Economics system should be instituted that addresses the needs of the collective. The individual and society benefit best when the collective benefits first.

The Black Power Economics Governing Body can not govern the wealth of those who do not contribute to a Black Power Economics system. Black Power Economists will, in effect, create a Black Power Economics system, and the masses of Black People will become a part of that system at whatever pace the system attracts them or they gravitate toward it.

Every Black individual is a potential Black Power Economist. One of the ongoing objectives of Black Power Economists will be to recruit and welcome as many Black individuals into the Black Power Economics system as speedily as possible.

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