Course Outline

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Title of Course: Economics 201

Black Power Economics: Beyond Capitalism

Mba Mbulu, Instructor

Read the essay below. Afterwards, try to get the best understanding you can of the following questions.
(1) Why is it important that Black Power Economists not misapply their personal wealth, know how and intelligence?
(2) Where should We be investing Our dollars and resources?
(3) Who should We be establishing business relations with?
(4) Are the salaries Black individuals receive from white power jobs an indication of Black wealth or white control?

Class #10: Revolutionary Investments [Audio Version]

In 2003, the African elite had $80 billion deposited in white power banks. Africa needed those funds, but those funds were serving white power instead. What is worse is this: the $80 billion in white banks was minor compared to the wealth of intelligence, time, energy, resources and know how Africans were donating to white power's industries and economic system. The lesson for Black Power Economists is clear: Don't misapply your personal wealth, know how and intelligence in like manner. If you have excess funds, look for alternatives to United States bank accounts. Or, convert your excess funds to a non United States currency. Best of all, use those funds to help finance Black Power. In fact, instead of accumulating a large bank account, you should be trying to get as much money out of the bank as you can. Whether it's your money or somebody else's is beside the point.

Black entrepreneurs have been trying to join the white power business mainstream for decades, without success. White power is opposed Black involvement in anything viable. In this case it is good because We do not need to be a part of something as rotten as white power capitalism. Instead, We should be establishing better business relations within Our Black communities, and We should be establishing business relations with people in other parts of the world, particularly those who are trying to distance themselves from white power. The countries presently at the top of this list are Zimbabwe, Cuba and Venezuela. Zimbabwe is in desperate need of investment dollars and export-import business. Black Power Economists can invest in countries like Zimbabwe and establish business relations that promote trade between Black Power Economics businesses in the United States and Zimbabwean businesses. There are Black businesses in countries like Venezuela and Brazil that would benefit from Black Power Economics investment dollars and trade relations. And the same is true of Cuba. Trade with countries like these and non capitalist business persons in countries like these would be good for a Black Power Economy. Not only would it bolster Our competitive position, it would reduce the dominance of white power economics, particularly that of the United States.

And, Black Power Economists must distance themselves from so called Black capitalism. Capitalism is nefarious and anti human, and it does not change when it is modified with the term Black. Instead of concentrating solely on Black businesses, We need to be establishing Black Power Economics collectives. And instead of opening businesses to make personal profits, We need to be concentrating on developing Our group wealth and using Our collective wealth to promote an agenda. We need to start making the baby steps that will lead to an alternative to the white power soso (same old same old). Black Power Economists need to identify the wealth in the Black community and seize control of that wealth.

We should not make the mistake of thinking that the salaries Black individuals receive for working on white power's jobs constitutes Black wealth. We can make use of those salaries while they are available, but, more than anything else, those salaries demonstrate how much white power controls Us. Black wealth is an indication of how much We can control Ourselves.

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