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Title of Course: Economics 201

Black Power Economics: Beyond Capitalism

Mba Mbulu, Instructor

Read the essay below. Afterwards, try to get the best understanding you can of the following questions.
(1) As far as Black People are concerned, what does white power America want to do?
(2) What should a Black Power Economist teach about firearms and weapons of self defense?
(3) What is the responsibility of Black Power Economics Units and the Black Power Economics Governing Body insofar as self defense is concerned?
(4) What are some of the things We can do to make "officials" take Us seriously?

Class #13: Case Study of A Black Power Economist, Part 1 [Audio Version]

Economics is a science. By that, I mean it is an organized system of activities (some economic systems are more highly organized than others), as opposed to a random series of activities.

Not spending a cent more than is necessary on white America's economy is a revolutionary investment. It is a key element in the development of the attitude We need to possess. It is a key element in the development of a Black Power Economic System.

Every penny We give to white power America is the equivalent of anti Black Power money; We will not get anything out of the transaction but an undervalued consumer return. We play Our money cheap when We settle for returns like that. Every bit of Our potential wealth that We give to white power America is wasted potential. Therefore, We must minimize the money We spend to the absolute least.

Revolutionary investments will provide Black Power Economists immediate returns that are more satisfying. More importantly, revolutionary investments will provide the Black Power Economics system with the long range returns that define vibrant economic systems. Black Power Economists will create wealth for others by cutting back on his/her own consumption. Black Power Economics Units must do likewise.

It is impossible to lay out a scenario that fully captures the evolution, development and operations of a Black Power Economic system. But just to get the creative and imaginative juices going, let's explore the following.

Nat Turner is a Black male. He works a regular job and earns a take home pay of around $15,000 per year. Nat is the typical Black male; he loves sports and entertainment, enjoys female companionship, has a hearty appetite, likes to socialize and mingle with people. Nat also is keenly aware of what's happening in general, and he is bugged by racial inequality and financial inequities.

One day Nat decides it is time for him to strike a blow against racial inequality and financial inequities. He has done some reading and knows what a Black Power Economist is. He isn't quite sure if he can become a complete Black Power Economist, but he wants to do as much as he can along that line, and he wants to start now.

The first thing Nat must do is check out his attitude. Nat has to make sure his commitment is not influenced by what others do or fail to do. The second thing Nat must do is check out his spending habits. Nat must determine what he is spending on real needs and what he is spending on other stuff, and focus on eliminating the spending that is not necessary. By merely teaching himself to not spend needlessly, Nat will be making an economic statement that reduces white power's control over him. Thirdly, Nat must determine how he can invest his resources in a way that contributes to and promotes the development of a Black Power Economic System, even if no such system presently exists. That is important because Nat is, in effect, helping to lay the groundwork for the Black Power Economic System that will benefit Black People. Nat is, in effect, transforming himself into a Black Power Economist.
At this point Nat is not only transforming himself into a Black Power Economist, he is transforming himself into a component of a Black Power Economic unit. We'll see where Nat goes from here in the next lesson.

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