Instructor: Mba Mbulu Title of Course: Integration 101

Textbooks: Not To Be: Essays On Integration and The Black Studies Book: A Black Studies Guide for TeenAgers and Adults.

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Class #8

Read Essay #1 and Essay#2 that follow. They are from the book Black-Smart. Think about the following issues:

(1) How are these essays relevant to a course in Integration?

(2) Do you consider the positions taken in these essays extreme? Why or why not?

(3) Essays such as these are in total disagreement with traditional understandings of integration. Do you think they add something to the discussion that Black People should not be unaware of?

(4) If Black People resisted integrating with white people, would that mean that Black People are opposed to integration as a worthy principle?

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"Opposites That Don't Attract"

White people are opposed to the very idea of Us, Brothers and Sisters; not so much because Black People have weight and occupy space but because Black People represent a spiritual and mental force which opposes their insanity. We should never fail to have this in mind; that Black People are a threat to whites because they, whites, have made it so, if for no other reason. They cannot see Us being Ourselves without simultaneously feeling Us rejecting them and desiring to get them back for what they have done to Us. Remember that! If they "like" you, then it is because you do what they want to see you do; if they don't "like" you, it is because they feel threatened because you don't try to make them feel comfortable.

To be Black or not to be Black; that is the question that confronts each and all of Us today. If We want to integrate, if we feel We have something to prove to them, if We talk softly when one of them approaches or if We feel We need them in order to advance, then We have chosen not to be Black. On the other hand, if We take the attitude that they have something to prove to Us, that they need to integrate with Us for their survival, that they need Us in order to progress and that We have no reason to fear what they hear Us say, e.g., then We have chosen to be Ourselves/Black. The choice is simple.

What We choose will express how We feel about their claims of superiority. If We play their game because it is their game, We at the same time admit that they are superior to Us. But if We attempt to do things Our way according to a set of values and principles which are Ours, then We at the same time challenge their claims of superiority.

How We act when dealing with whitey, no matter how trivial the dealing might seem, will determine how whitey will act when he deals with Us. If We smile when there is nothing to smile about (or because you feel whitey wants you to smile), or fail to demand that which is rightfully Ours, then We have demonstrated a lack of racial- and self-esteem. Whites realize this and treat Us (you) accordingly. However, when We (you) determine how We respond to whatever, regardless of who is around, and when We demand that which is rightfully Ours, then whitey treats Us with respect because he knows We (you) will not tolerate any disrespect.

Do We demand respect by asserting Our right to be Black? or do We prepare a grim future for Black babies by singing, dancing, praying, damning whitey and not laying the foundation for Black institutions?

We have a view from the bridge Brothers and Sisters, and We know what pitfalls to avoid. Let Us be about the business of avoiding them.

PEACE be with you, Brothers and Sisters, if you are willing to do what is necessary to get it.

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"Caucasian Involvement In Black Organizations"

Throughout the publication of "The People's Newsletter", "The People" has tried to give a conceptual view of all proposals, situations, possibilities, etc. Concepts are important because they provide persons with a basis from which they can make an intelligent decision, and that is what we want you to be able to do. We want you to be able to make an intelligent decision. We don't want you to accept what we say simply because we say it. We want you to accept it because it makes sense. If you feel it does not make sense or is not logical, then you would be doing yourself and Black People in general a disfavor by acting as if it does.

At this time, however, we are going to discuss a resolution we have made concerning "The People" and caucasians (white people). We are going to do this at the risk of alienating many persons of Our color, and that fact alone should indicate how serious we are on the issue.

There is no place in our organization for white involvement. We don't want any of them to know what Black People are planning to do. We don't even want them to read Black literature. At this stage of the development of Black People, as far as The People is concerned, Caucasians need not even exist.

Some might call this a racist position; others will call it counter-revolutionary. We grant that you have the option to call it whatever you want to. However, we don't call it a racist position. We call it a practical position that seems to be even more practical in light of the history of white/Black relations in this country. It is practical because it recognizes that We, Black People, need to experience certain processes alone if We are going to develop Respect, Confidence and Pride in Our race and its potential. These intangibles are steps toward the self-reliance attitudes which African Socialism always demands. The position becomes even more practical when We get the content of the messages/lessons which history has repeatedly attempted to teach Us. Whites don't give a damn about Our welfare. They don't give a damn about Our anything! Anytime they appear to adapt Our cause, they do so to either keep Us from taking the extreme measures that should be taken, or to highlight an injustice that slightly cripples some of them (and a lot of Us), or simply because they are afraid to not be aware of what We have on Our minds. The only white person who is an exception to each of these reasons was John Brown, a man who is ridiculed and called mad by the supporters of this power structure and who is ignored by the white "liberals" who quote Malcolm X (for example) today. They don't mind publicizing Black persons who have taken Black People seriously, but they don't want the word to get around that one sane white person has taken Black People seriously as well. So, later for them and their pretensions.

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Counter-revolutionary? Not in the least. Our position recognizes that We have to make Ourselves revolutionary before We can present Ourselves as a viable revolutionary force in the world. Those of Us who don't understand this are in need of some assistance and proper direction. Those whites who don't understand it don't understand it because it is not to their advantage to understand it. And anyway, why is it that anything that is not integrated (all-Black) must be counter-revolutionary? Or, put another way, what is it about an integrated movement that makes it necessarily revolutionary? Could the answer to this question lay in brainwashed minds which are only receptive to white definitions of critical terms?

If you are going to tell Us that Blacks and whites have the same enemies, please don't do so. Our enemies are capitalism/imperialism/racism and their manifestations. We don't know what the whites are fighting against, other than Us (check your history). And, even if we did have the same enemies, does that necessarily make us allies or friends? The People doesn't think so. People who despise and hate each other can be threatened by the same enemy. Thus, if Blacks and whites have the same enemy, We can fight that enemy on Our front and they can fight that enemy on their front. Quite frankly, that is exactly what should be happening.

If some white people are genuinely concerned about the struggle of Black People, let them show that concern by positioning themselves exactly where We want them to be. That is not in Our community, nor is it in the midst of Our nationalist/revolutionary or protest movement. Presently, they can appropriately position themselves in their own communities or in the revolutionary battlefields of southern Africa (under Black command). If they are not willing to content themselves with either of those assignments, then any assistance they give is more likely to harm Us than help Us.

If you mix coffee with cream you come out with a weak solution. Let the coffee stay black and hot and all of its strength will come through. Malcolm recognized that fifteen years ago, and it is still true today. We should never ignore a truth.

PEACE be with you, Brothers and Sisters, if you are willing to do what is necessary to get it.

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