Leadership 101 Textbooks: The Black Studies Book: A Black Studies Guide for TeenAgers and Adults and Black Smart. Instructor: Mba Mbulu

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Class #5

(A) Read the essay "To Be Black or Not To Be Black" on page 137 of Black Smart.

(B) In Class #1 we talked about what Black leadership is. In Class #2 we discussed "Six Steps to Black Power." Review these lessons carefully.

(C) Read the information below, or read "Let's Get Back to Ourselves" on page 147 of Black Smart. Be able to consider the following questions.

(1) How is the essay "To Be Black or Not To Be Black" relevant to Black leadership?

(2) What is the importance of getting back to Ourselves to Black leadership? What does that actually mean?

(3) What do you think a Virtue is?

(4) The Virtues are listed below. Why does the author refer to them as "The Black Virtues"?

Reading Material

A Black leader must internalize and be a practitioner of the Black Virtues. When WE, Black People, were the masters of the world, We possessed admirable intangible qualities that enabled Us to stand out and excel not only militarily, but philosophically, humanely, socially, etc. In short, Black People excelled in the areas that are a prerequisite to excellence. The list of these prerequisites to excellence, the Virtues, follow. Succeeding classes will go deeper into each of them.

The Black Virtues

(1) Control of Thought [We must be the makers of Our ideas.]

(2) Control of Action [We must determine what We will do and what We will not do.]

(3) Steadfastness of Purpose [We must establish an objective/objectives and stick with it/them.]

(4) Identity with the Higher Ideals in Life [Our philosophy on life and what We attempt to do must not be limited by the circumstances and conditions under which We live.]

(5) Evidence of having a Mission in Life [We must be about an objective, and what We-- each and every one of Us-- do must be a reflection of what We say We are about.]

(6) Freedom from Resentment when under the Experience of Persecution [We must maintain a clear head, one which will enable Us to think with clarity and logic, especially when We are under attack.]

(7) Confidence in and Respect for Our People [We must represent those who support and rely on Us.]

(8) Confidence in One's Ability to Learn [Each of Us must believe in himself/herself. No one among Us should sell himself/herself short.]

(9) Readiness or Preparedness for Action [We must recognize the importance and necessity of organizing, organization, planning and preparation.]

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