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Class #9

The following essays discuss Virtue #6 and Virtue #7. Read each of them carefully and relate them to the following questions.

(1) What is the relevance of "Don't get mad, get even!" to Black people in the United States?

(2) Why is it particularly important to maintain a clear head when you are under attack?

(3) Why is the extract "Some Black Accomplishments" included in this lesson?

(4) Is there a legitimate reason why anyone should doubt the abilities of Black People?

The Black Virtues: Freedom from Resentment

When Under the Experience of Persecution
[We must maintain a clear head, one which will enable Us to think with clarity and logic, especially when We are under attack.]

In order to resist effectively, We must allow the positive energy to flow continuously and without restraint. In order to build effectively, We must allow the positive energy to flow continuously and without restraint.

Any exercise that consumes energy without the probability of solving the problem is wasted energy. But, in addition to "going up in smoke," figuratively speaking, this type of energy occupies the mental, psychological and spiritual arteries; clogging them up and making it difficult for positive energy to flow and generate the solutions positive energy is capable of generating. Individuals who consider themselves leaders must be the master of their energy. They need to know how to keep the positive energy flowing. They need to know how to keep their mental, psychological and spiritual arteries free of wasted energy and its debris.

"Don't get mad, get even!" There is so much political wisdom in that statement, and it is of particular relevance to Black People in the United States. It doesn't do Us a bit of good to get mad at this white power system, but it would do Us a world of good if We got even with it. By establishing Our own Nation, We will be getting even. Energy not used to help Us get even is wasted energy.

Resentment is wasted energy, and if you are under a state of persecution, resentment is more self-abusive and self-defeating than ever. The time when one is experiencing persecution is the time when one's positive energy must flow most freely. Resentment only retards the flow of positive energy and extends the period of persecution.

A Black leader must maintain a clear head, one that will enable him/her to think with clarity and logic, especially when We are under attack. That will increase the odds that We will make the necessary adjustments and changes and move forward. That will enable Us to think on Our feet, maintain control of the critical factors and keep Us moving toward the established objective. As long as We do that, We can not be stopped. Top

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The Black Virtues: Confidence in and Respect for Our People

[We must represent those who support and rely on Us.]

The following extract is taken from page 66 of Ten Lessons: An Introduction to Black History:

II. Some Black Accomplishments (Prior to contact with and domination by non-Black People)

"In summary, it is important that We recognize that, before Black People had had any contact with white people, Black People had developed economically, politically, socially and culturally to very advanced degrees. Economically, Black People had learned to revolve their basic activities around agriculture, and had developed a calendar which made it possible for them to plan their agricultural activities in a manner that would most enable them to reach their objectives. In order to develop an accurate calendar (as they had done) they had to have scientific (not random or guessing) knowledge and a scientific understanding of the laws and principles of the universe, particularly as they related to weather conditions/cycles and forecasts. It is clear then that Black People were intensively studying the planets, the stars, the sun, the moon, the systems of outer space, their functions and their effects on the earth for thousands of years prior to Black contact with white people. In short, Black People recognized the value of a planned economy more than 7000 years ago and developed the first calendar, and became the first astronomers as a result.

"Proof of Black People's political concentration are our previous references to the dynastic eras. The ones we discussed covered the period from around 3100 B.C.E. until around 660 B.C.E. It is probable, however, that the 1st Dynasty was established as early as 11,542 B.C.E., which indicates that Black People in their right mind have recognized the value of political consolidation and unification for more than 13,000 years. The idea of political concentration, then, had its origin and development in Africa, and not among white people.

"Socially and culturally, for thousands of years before Black contact with white people, Black People had advanced to a degree that has not been matched even to this day. The major social accomplishment, which was largely the result of conditions under which Black People developed (see Lesson #1), was the maintenance of the humane attitude Black People held for each other. These attitudes were reflected in the social institutions that were developed to cater to the needs of the people in general. Governmental policy helped also, since it promoted internal stability (a feeling of security on the part of individuals and groups), general education by way of a public school system, and practical conveniences such as public bathrooms. The cultural achievement of the African People was apparent in at least two advanced systems of writing (one alphabetic, the other pictorial or hieroglyphic), an abundance of artists and sculptures, and arts and crafts that have been imitated and sought by people all over the world.

"The known architectural accomplishments and philosophical pondering and revelations of Black People are evidence of their/Our degree of development at this early time in human history, a time when white people were so backward that they were not even recording their development (if "development" is the proper term). Yet, Black People had an organized religion as early as 4500 B.C.E., and had an advanced educational system (the Mysteries System) just as early. By the 20th Dynasty, branches of the Mysteries System had been established in several places outside of Africa, and foreigners who could pay the price and assumed the proper attitudes preferred to be educated there than anywhere else. As early as 3100 B.C.E., Black People had dammed the longest river (the Nile) in the world and established the military city of Memphis, and within 400 years had built the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx and marvelous tombs that captivate and puzzle the most knowledgeable onlookers today. During this same period Imhotep, a Black man, was acknowledged (recognized) as the father of medicine, and it was not to be long before Black People were performing surgical operations on such delicate organs as the human eye. Colors that have refused to fade after more than 5000 years and embalming techniques that mystify today's morticians are proof of Black People's understanding of chemistry during this period. The presence of engineers, scribes, libraries and goldsmiths, etc., indicate an advanced form of living and the mastery of various smelting processes. It is unmistakably clear, then, that Black People had to have mastered the sciences, particularly mathematics, at an early date, a very early date. This cannot be debated by any logical thinking person with an unbiased mind."

When anyone considers the past accomplishments of Black People, that person has no choice but to have confidence in and respect for Black People. There is no way a reasonable person could fail to have confidence in and respect for Black People. This is particularly true of any individual who professes to be a "Black leader."

Every legitimate Black leader will believe in the ability of Black People to act independently of any other group of people. Every legitimate Black leader will believe that Black People can accomplish whatever We need to accomplish because of Our exceptional ability to process large amounts of simple and complex information, apply it to real life situations and come up with real life solutions to those situations that hinder Us. Black People are brilliant people, and any Black leader who harbors doubt about Our brilliance is not a person who should be representing Our needs, goals and aspirations.

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