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Title of Course: Profiles In Black Mba Mbulu, Instructor

Textbook: None. Selected writings found online will constitute the textbook.

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Read the following information on Barbara Sizemore. Relate the information to the following questions to the best of your ability.

(1) Based on the information provided here, do you think Barbara sacrificed too much for her people?

(2) If Barbara Sizemore had not been as well educated from a formal standpoint, would she have been any less intelligent?

(3) Barbara Sizemore declares that Black People are THE creative element in this country today. Why are the creative energies of Black People a threat to be powers that be?

(4) The essay speaks of Sizemore's "recognition that Black leadership must be Black-based and Black-inspired." Do you view those as components of a belief in self-determination?

(5) Why does all hell tend to break loose when Black individuals fail to adapt white power at the expense of Black People?



Teacher, Educator, Fighter for Human Rights and Black Survival

Barbara Sizemore has one of the finest educations that can be bought in this country. As a result, the doors of opportunity and the doors of prosperity opened wide for her. She approached them, she cautiously entered them, never really expecting to receive just rewards for her labors because, throughout her life, she had never lost the will to fight for the people she loves. She had not even lost contact with them, and all who prosper in this country MUST do that. So the doors began to close on her, to push her out, as its operators began to discover that their educational process had not converted her. They rechecked her past and saw that her roots were in the Black masses; they checked her growth and discovered that it reflected her past; they checked her activities and realized that an educated BLACK woman was in America's midst. All Hell broke loose!

Early in her career Barbara Sizemore attacked those difficult areas that many before her had shunned. As a teacher she primarily worked with the mentally handicapped; as a college instructor she concentrated on Inner City Studies; as a superintendent she directed the very successful Woodlawn Experimental Schools in Chicago and attempted to change the priorities of the District of Columbia Public School System (in order to make it more responsive to the needs of Black students and other minorities). As a sincere caretaker of Black People, she sharply analyzed the course of events and alerted her people across the country of impending systematic attempts to further miseducate Black children, discredit Black leadership and dispossess Black landowners and homeowners. The power struggle trembled and offered to pay her if only she would keep quiet. She refused. The power struggle offered again, much more this time. Again she refused, fully aware of the personal consequences she would have to suffer, but even more aware of her obligations to her people. The power structure aimed, the power structure fired, but none of its artillery could eliminate Barbara Sizemore. It could not eliminate her because it was not her source of power. Her power was truth and her faith in Black People, and she was able to retreat to its shelter, resist the efforts to get rid of her, and re-emerge with an even stronger determination to fight her, and Our, attackers.

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Rarely has anyone who has the credentials to succeed personally chosen instead to tie her lot with the dispossessed victims of an unjust system. Barbara Sizemore has done just that. She is presently tightening that tie by keeping the question of land occupation before the Black masses. She constantly reminds Us that where We take shelter is a key to political power or impotence in the present scheme of things, and urges Us to remain in those areas where We are in a position of numerical dominance. Particularly, she views the District of Columbia as one of those areas where Black People can already wield a heavy stick, and urges Us to take advantage of this opportunity.

Barbara Sizemore declares that Black People are THE creative element in this country today. Because We such a creative force with seemingly unlimited potential, white people are using their system to stifle Our mental development, Our respect for each other and Our attitudes toward Our potential as a Race. Barbara Sizemore has attempted and continues to attempt to counter these racist moves. Her refusal to accommodate the power structure at the expense of Black People, her recognition that Black leadership must be Black-based and Black-inspired, and her determination to do whatever she can, at whatever expense to herself, to promote Our development and the development of institutions that will provide for Us and insure Our survival are representative of a force that must be supported, protected and nourished by the Black Community. She represents a force that We should learn from and pattern Ourselves after. Barbara Sizemore is a Profile in Black.

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