(1) About Mba Mbulu (2) Writings/Recognition

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(1) About Mba Mbulu

Undergraduate degree in American History
Extensive independent studies, concentrating on persons such as WEB DuBois and Marcus Garvey; Studied under CLR James, the brilliant scholar-activist from Trinidad: Began concentrating on independent community education programs.
Editor: "The People's Newsletter"
Editor: "The Black Eye Newsletter"
Designed Black History course; Wrote Ten Lessons: An Introduction to Black History as a Black History textbook
Designed Black Philosophy course; Wrote Black Smart as a companion book for Black Philosophy course
Taught Black Psychology, using Black Skin, White Masks by Frantz Fanon as the centerpiece of the course
Wrote Spotlight on Male Female Relations
te Not To Be, four essays on integration
Edited several books and newsletters and conducted seminars and workshops on Black Studies
Wrote The Black Studies Book: A Black Studies Guide for Teenagers and Adults
te Not Dark White: The 411 on Black Nationalism
te Playing Black Cheap: Are African Americans Taking Too Much for Granted?
te Mba Mbulu's An Introduction to White History: The History of White America
paper Column: "Not Dark White"
Works Being Completed: How To Understand and Teach Black History
Workshop: "How to Teach Black History Correctly"
Workshop: "The Conceptual Framework for Establishing a Black Studies Curriculum"
Workshop: "The Importance of Teaching Black Nationalism"
Radio Interviews nationally and internationally.
Founder / Administrator of Aset University. Aset University is based on the belief that an effective Black Studies system will require the re-training of Black educators and teachers. Our educational focus must be re-aligned, our educational priorities must be shifted, what We teach must be re-evaluated and re-assessed, and Our purposes for teaching must be re-examined. The same is true for the textbooks and teaching aids We employ. Teachers with new minds, new spirits and new materials are critical to a system of education that will benefit Black People.

(2) Works of Mba Mbulu Gain Recognition

In spite of lack of exposure and access to major publicity outlets, the works of Mba Mbulu are being recognized by Black educators. Ten Lessons: An Introduction to Black History, is used by Dr. Mary Anigbo (Marcus Garvey Charter School) and Abena Walker (Afro-Centric Pilot School Program, Washington, DC). Ten Lessons is also being used by study groups in several urban areas and was nominated to receive a Black Books Achievement Award by "Your Black Books Guide," a respected distributor of Black books.

Not To Be: Essays on Integration, is in use at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Jesse McDade, who has taught at some of the more illustrious universities in the United States during his more than 30 years as educator, has made Not To Be required reading in his Racism class.

Black Smart, possibly Mr. Mbulu's most important work, was nominated to receive a Black Books Achievement Award by "Your Black Books Guide." Black Smart is an excellent Philosophy book.

The Black Studies Book: A Black Studies Guide for Teenagers and Adults, has been reviewed by Dr. McDade, who is requiring his students to read it.

Spotlight on Male/Female Relations has been used by several study groups. Spotlight is a small but powerful essay on how the ability of Black individuals to relate to one another has been hampered by a racist status quo. This pamphlet is entering its third printing.

"The Black Eye": A quarterly newsletter treating matters of relevance to Black People.

Some concerned parents and educators in various parts of the country have expressed interest in having Mr. Mbulu's books used as textbooks. With persistence, and as the books become exposed to a larger audience, they will be able to overcome the resistance put up by status quo supporters.

"Not Dark White" is a monthly newspaper column written by Mr. Mbulu.

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