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Mba Mbulu conducts Workshops and Lectures on several subjects, including the following:

(I) "The Conceptual Framework for Teaching Black Studies and Establishing a Black Studies Curriculum"

(II) "Teaching Black History Correctly"

(III) "The Importance of Teaching Black Nationalism"

(IV) "Principles of United States History: The History of White America"

(V) "Black Education Principles"

(VI) The Future of Education Series:

(a) "How Black History Will Be Taught"

(b) "How United States History Will Be Taught"

(c) "White Government + White People = Business as Usual"

Workshops and lectures are designed to help orientate students, educators and teachers, provide better information to students and community members and help active individuals maintain their focus and continue "the struggle." If you, your school or your group need additional information, Email your Name, Organization, Telephone Number and Fax Number.


Mba Mbulu's workshops and speeches cost very little. Cost includes travel, room (if applicable) and an honorarium. If members of the sponsoring group sell Mr. Mbulu's books during the workshop, the monies received will be split between Mr. Mbulu and the sponsoring group. As such, much of the cost can be recovered by the sponsoring group!

An effective Black Studies system will require the re-training of Black educators and teachers. Our educational focus must be re-aligned, our educational priorities must be shifted, what we teach must be re-evaluated and re-assessed, and our purposes for teaching must be re-examined. The same is true for the textbooks and teaching aids we employ. Teachers with new minds, new spirits and new materials are critical to a system of education that will benefit Black People. Our teachers can become, must become-- what they need to be.

To schedule a WorkShop or Lecture, Email Us. Include your Name, Organization, Telephone Number, Fax Number and a brief message.

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