Businesses are intentionally and un-intentionally cheating you and your loved ones. Whether it is the one or the other doesn't matter because the result is the same-- you and your loved ones are not getting the maximum value from the money you work hard to earn. If you are serious about keeping this business-centric system from taking advantage of you, you should think more about what businesses are doing to get your money and what you need to do to make sure you get your money's worth. You can read several of the cases that are linked below, learn from them, save yourself some money and put America's businesses in a frame of mind that will reduce their tendency to insult your intelligence and keep their thieving hands out of your pockets.

Take note of this because it is very important: Credit card companies are targeting elderly people and college students. They are targeting elderly people because elderly people are easy to take advantage of-- they are not accustomed to the new way business is done and think they can act in the old ways and still get full value for their money. That is not the case! In fact, the opposite is true. Instead of getting full value for their money, the elderly are being victimized and penalized to the max (in the form of excessive interests charges, other such penalties, etc.). The elderly are being robbed by the credit card companies, and the robbers have the law on their side.

Credit card companies are targeting college students because most students are not mature enough to make wise use of a credit card; thus they are likely to abuse it. So, the credit card companies count on two things: (1) that college students will overuse and abuse credit cards and (2) when they are unable to keep up the payments, their parents will pay their bills in order to keep their children from getting a bad credit rating so early in their lives. In the same way the toy stores use children to pimp off their mothers, credit card companies use college students to get to the wallets of proud [and misguided] parents.

As an intelligent person, you should look after the interests of yourself, the elderly people in your family and your children. If you don't, the credit card companies will take money from them with greater regularity and less concern about morality than Jesse James did. As a matter of fact, Jesse James would have loved to have the getover that credit card companies enjoy. [TOP]


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