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The following is a summary of a recent report in Rachel Magazine.

Most of the identified "risk factors" for breast cancer indicate that estrogen (female sex hormone) in a woman's blood plays an important role in the disease. The major known "risk factors" for breast cancer are early menarche (early age when the period begins), late menopause, not having any children, late conception of the first child, and hormone-replacement treatment after menopause. All of these factors tend to increase the estrogens circulating in a woman's blood.

Additionally, the risk of breast cancer was twice as high in women with the highest concentrations of dieldrin in their blood serum. Dieldrin is an insecticide that was widely used from the 1950s to the early 1970s. Dieldrin has been used in agriculture for soil and seed treatment and in public health to control disease carriers such as mosquitoes and tsetse flies. Dieldrin has also had veterinary use as a sheep dip and has been used in treatment of wood and mothproofing of woolen products. The most likely way that dieldrin has entered the human body in the past is by eating food grown in treated soil, by eating products from animals previously exposed to these insecticides (fish, poultry, or beef), or by drinking water or milk containing it. Since dieldrin is no longer produced in or imported into the United States, its use is believed to be minimal. However, women who know they were exposed to dieldrin before it was banned should determine if it persists within their bodies.

Dr. John Gofman of the University of California, Berkeley, suggests that 75 to 90 percent of all breast cancers are induced by medical X-rays. Dr. Gofman points out that it is not a case of radiation persisting and causing the damage, but of chromosomal damage caused by the radiation when the X-ray is done. This damage to the chromosome is permanent, but instead of making itself known immediately, it doesn't begin to manifest itself until 10, 20, 30 years later. Dr. Gofman stresses that not only are breast cancers caused by radiation -medical X-rays- but ALL cancers. Of them all, breast cancer is one of the cancers most easily induced by radiation. [Top]


What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause by Dr. John R. Lee

Hormone Heresy by Cheryl Sellman Call 1-800-444-2524.

For Women Only by Gary Null and Barbara Seaman

Dressed to Kill: The Link between Bras and Breast Cancer: Dr. Sidney R. Singer


Having pre-menopausal mammograms can be problematic. It has been confirmed that (1) The results are unreliable (2) There is too much exposure to dangerous rays (3) Compressing breast tissue can augment an existing problem and (4) The process is painful. Instead, to combat potential problems: (1) Stop wearing bras (2) Eat proper foods that are properly prepared (3) Exercise regularly (4) Learn proper hand examination techniques (5) Hand examine frequently. Hand exams don't reveal all potential problems, but they are useful. [Top]


A book entitled Hormone Heresy, written by Cheryl Sellman, reveals some serious dangers associated with so-called hormone replacement surgery. In fact, the author states that there is no such thing as hormone replacement surgery because women's bodies produce natural hormones whereas hormone replacement makes use of artificial products. According to the author, hormone replacement actually loads a woman's body with harmful drugs; drugs that are already known to cause more than 100 illnesses and generate numerous unhealthy side effects.

According to the author, menopause does not represent a shortage of estrogen but an abundance of it. Because women in the west use so many artificial products, they have unusually high estrogen levels, she says. This helps produce an imbalance between natural progesterone and natural estrogen that throws a woman's system out of whack. The imbalance between natural estrogen and natural progesterone is amplified if a woman misses her period, since her body only produces progesterone while she is on her period.

Women who want to understand more about their body and chemistry should be interested in this book. The book also makes it clear that traditional approaches to treating women is off base and dangerous all too often. The author's name is Cheryl Sellman, the book is Hormone Heresy and you can get it by calling 1-800-444-2524. [Top]

[An article in The Washington Post, Health section (04/23/02) on Hormone Replacement Therapy is cited in part below. The mainstream media is finally beginning to acknowledge what naturalist have been maintaining for years. One can only wonder how many women have suffered needlessly.]


"An accumulating body of credible information-- some of the latest released just last week-- finds no value in using hormone replacement therapy as a treatment for heart disease, fractures, depression and urinary incontinence-- postmenopausal conditions for which it has been widely prescribed.
"Last week's report by an international team of women's health experts further upends conventional clinical practice by questioning whether, given HRT's health risks, there aren't safer yet equally effective treatments available for menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. The report, slated for publication in June, was financed by the National Institutes of Health and a private Italian science foundation...
"According to surveys, 38 percent of U. S. women between the ages of 50 and 74 take hormone replacement therapy (HRT). In addition to relieving postmenopausal symptoms, HRT can reduce bone loss from osteoporosis-- if it is taken continuously. However, HRT raises the risk of blood clots and uterine cancer; use for more than five years is also associated with higher risk of breast cancer."


Scientific reports reveal that embolization can be better for suffering women than a hysterectomy. Embolization, which starves the fibroids so that they shrink, is less invasive and takes less time to recover. Tests at Stanford University have concluded that embolization is more effective than surgery in relieving excessive menstrual bleeding and equally as effective in relieving pelvic pain and pressure.

Women who are considering having a hysterectomy probably should ask their doctor about embolization instead. [Top]


The makers of the powerful mind altering drug Prozac are now targeting women who suffer from PMS symptons. Somehow, they have decided that PMS related discomfort should be treated as a mental disorder, so they are encouraging women to take Prozac to relieve their discomfort. The rub is that, instead of calling the drug by its real name, they are calling it Saraffin.

Before women take Saraffin, they should get a thorough understanding of what mind altering drugs can do to them. Understand! PMS is not the product of an unbalanced, female mind. More than anything else, PMS is the consequence of hormonal imbalances brought on by improper and unhealthy diets. Don't let male centric doctors and profit hungry drug pushers add you to their list of consumers/victims. Using Prozac to relieve the discomfort caused by PMS could be the worst thing a woman ever does. [Top]



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