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The history of the Republic of New Afrika began when white people started forcefully shipping Black Africans to other parts of the world. At one moment certain Blacks were free Africans. At the next moment they were captured New Afrikans. It wasn’t until 1968 that this new nation was given the name The Republic of New Afrika, and the people themselves were named New Afrikans, but taking a long time to declare Our new identity did not change the fact that We had been that since the time We were attacked and shipped to a foreign land.

Thus, in the history of Black People in the United States, there was never any such thing as a colored person, Negro, Afro-American or African-American. Those are itinerant and confusion heavy terms that represent less than Black People’s human, social and legal reality. When Black People were kidnapped and shipped to other parts of the world, Black People instantly went from being African to New Afrikan. We should stop misrepresenting Our status. We are New Africans, and the country We are unequivocal citizens of is the Republic of New Afrika..

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