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Title of Course: Black History 101 Mba Mbulu, Instructor

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Black History 101 Classes

  Class #1 Understanding History: Various Approaches
Development of White People
Capitalization of Term Black People
 Class #2 Why Blacks Were Enslaved
Why Native Americans Failed
 Class #3 African Roots of Black People in the United States
Black Accomplishments Prior to Contact With White People
11,542 BCE
Effects of Slavery on Africa
 Class #4 Colonial America
Role of Black People in Development of America
Role of Black People in Development of the White World
Class #5 Black Self Government
The Black Abolitionist Movement
Black Nationalism
 Class #6 The Civil War Period
The Black General Strike
Black Reconstruction
Black Nationalism
 Class #7 The African Revolution
Black Power USA
Patrice Lumumba
 Class #8 The Republic of New Afrika
The Black Panther Party
The Law Enforcement Assistance Acts / Cointelpro
 Class #9 Have Black People Made It?
The Future: Will Black People Be Prepared?
 Class #10 Black Nationalism
Abolition / Integration
Black Nationhood