Course Outline

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Title of Course: Integration 101: Do Black People Know What Integration Is?

Mba Mbulu, Instructor

Textbooks: Not To Be: Essays On Integration and The Black Studies Book: A Black Studies Guide for TeenAgers and Adults. To get the books: (1) Check your library. If they are there, good. If not, ask the librarian to order them. Give the librarian the following web site address [ ]. That way they can order directly and have them within a few days. (2) Purchase them. To purchase CLICK HERE. You can do without the books, but you will miss out on a lot.


Integration 101 Classes: Do Black People Know What Integration Is?

  Class #1 Can These Colors Merge: Where Did the Idea of Integration in America Come From?
Integration: A Huge Mountain to Climb
Class #2 The Hispanic Factor; Black People Must Be Black Centric
 Class #3 White People Don't Read Black Books
 Class #4 Real Equality; We Changed; On The Way To The Nuthouse
Class #5 Why Racial Integration In the United States Will Not Work
 Class #6 Liberals and White Liberals
 Class #7 How Far, Recognition?
 Class #8 Opposites That Don't Attract
Caucasian Involvement In Black Organizations
Class #9 Know Your Enemies; Know Where You Stand
 Class #10 Mystic Years And Pipe Dreams