Course Outline

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Title of Course: Leadership 101 Mba Mbulu, Instructor

Textbook: The Black Studies Book: A Black Studies Guide for TeenAgers and Adults and Black Smart. To get these books: (1) Check your library. If there, good. If not, ask the librarian to order them. Give the librarian the following web site address []. That way they can order them directly and have them within a few days. (2) Purchase them. You can do so by phone or mail. For purchasing information, CLICK HERE.

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Leadership 101 Classes

Class #1 "Black Leadership: What Is It?"
"Toward An Understanding of Africa"
 Class #2 "Six Steps to Black Power"
"Black Smart: What Is it?"
Class #3 "What Black Middle Class?"
"The Black Jeffersonians"
"The Nigger Factory."
 Class #4 "On the Way to the Nuthouse"
"Alienation in the Black Community"
"The Ape That Tricked Black People"
  Class #5 "To Be Black or Not To Be Black"
"Let's Get Back to Ourselves"
"To Be Black or Not To Be Black"
"The Black Virtues"
 Class #6 The Black Virtues: Control of Thought
 Class #7 The Black Virtues: Control of Action
The Black Virtues: Steadfastness of Purpose
 Class #8 The Black Virtues: Identity with the Higher Ideals in Life
The Black Virtues: Evidence of Having a Mission in Life
 Class #9 The Black Virtues: Freedom from Resentment When Under the Experience of Persecution
The Black Virtues: Confidence in and Respect for Our People
 Class #10 The Black Virtues: Confidence in One's Ability to Learn
The Black Virtues: Readiness or Preparedness for Action