Course Outline [Classes]

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Title of Course: Philosophy 101: "Black Race Matters" Instructor: Mba Mbulu

Textbook: None. Essays by Mba Mbulu will be provided online.


Philosophy 101: "Black Race Matters" is a discussion of many of the issues that confront Black individuals who are interested in understanding and seeking a Black nationalist or genuine Black power solution to the struggle of Black People in the United States. It provides an opportunity to explore some of the options on terms that are not dictated by a traditionally limited education environment.

Philosophy 101: "Black Race Matters" Classes
Class #1 "Theory of Poverty and Privilege"
Class #2 "Individual Choices and Considerations"
Class #3 "Little Minds"
 Class #4 "Intimidated Spirits: Can Cowardice Be Justified?"
Class #5 Individual Priorities and the General Welfare
Class #6 "Being Black Matters"
Class #7 "BLACK-SMART: What Is It?"
Class #8 "Racial Integration! Is It Workable?"
Class #9 "What Makes A World Power"
Class #10 "Is Five Years Enough Time?"