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June 15, 2020 Radio Broadcast Update

The internet radio broadcasts that were planned have been cancelled. The information that would have been covered will be uploaded to his web site beginning this week. These broadcasts will go into more details about Black Power Economics and the steps involved in creating a Black Power Economics system and political independence for New Afrikans, Black People who live in the United States of America. We have to be more aware of all of our options. To access the broadcasts, click the RadioBroadcast link above and on the home page of this web site.

June 1, 2020

If you read a file or listen to a podcast or radio cast and you want to make sure you have access to it in the future, then download it to your computer. You never know when you might try to get to this web site only to discover it has been taken off of the internet.

May 28, 2020

Mba Mbulu will begin internet radio broadcasts in July. There will be mostly podcasts and and some live interviews. The broadcasts will be weekly beginning Tuesday, July 7 at 9:00 pm Eastern Time. Check back in a couple of weeks for the details as far as how you can tune in is concerned.

January 28, 2020

This short pdf document is a summary the history of the Republic of New Afrika, from its beginning almost 500 years ago to its declaration in 1968. Click Here To Read It.

January 11, 2020

This short pdf document explains Black Power Economics in more detail. Click here to check it out. There are various steps Black People who feel comfortable calling themselves New Afrikans can take to help make this Black Power Economics and independence part of Black People's regular conversation.


November 4, 2019

The series of podcasts on "Black Power Economics: The Only Real Solution" is now being uploaded and available for listening. Click here to find out which podcasts are presently available.

September 4, 2019

The Board of Drectors of the National Bank of the Republic of New Afrika has authorized the printing and distribution of 100 million Black Dollars ($BD100,000,000) to initiate and stimulate the Black Power Economics system of the Black Nation. The release stages and quantities will be specified at a yet to be determined date. To participate, ask questions and make suggestions, send an email to

August 14, 2019

By unanimous vote, the citizenry of the Territory of BlackBottom, Republic of New Afrika, resolved to create the National Bank System of the Republic of New Afrika. Preliminary steps have been taken, highlighted by the creaion of The National Bank of the Republic of New Afrika and the issuance of directives to design and distribution of the Black Dollar ($US), the official currency of the Republic of New Africa.Check back fom time to time for updates. To participate, ask questions and make suggestions, send an email to





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