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Deconstructing White Power: The Only Real Solution [AudioVersion]



1. Why do some Black individuals have a difficult time believing in Black nationalism?

2. Do you think Black People played a considerable role in making the United States of America a rich and powerful nation?

3. Since We have tried everything else, why not give Black Nationalism a chance?


This has been going on for a long time now. It appears that Black People in the United States have decided to suffer until white America decides to stop abusing Us. There is no other explanation I can think of that explains Our failure to seek to separate from white America. Is the United States of America the only country We have ever heard of?

Why are Black People in the United States so glued to the United States? Its as if something supernatural is keeping Us from giving due attention to other viable options. It’s no revelation that, insofar as OUR development is concerned, We have been politically irresponsible for several decades. Could this lack of responsibleness be at the root of Our attachment to the United States? Could it be that We don’t trust Black individuals to function responsibly as much as We trust white individuals to do so? Or could it be that We are suffering from something akin to “battered wife syndrome,” where people seem to hold on tighter to others the more those others abuse or fail to acknowledge them? I’ll outright admit that it’s a mystery to me how a people as capable as Black People, allow a people who are less capable to control and dominate them.

Sometimes people make decisions that have you wondering if straight thinking is one of their attributes. For instance, the United States government has the authority to print money, but when it needs money Congress borrows it from a group of private bankers (the Federal Reserve) and pays them interest. Why the American people would let Congress borrow money from bankers and put the country in debt (interest is debt) when Congress has the authority to print all the money it needs interest free, seems so out of whack to me that I have trouble trying to mentally process it. How can the people allow that to happen? In the same vein, I can’t understand why Black People fight to remain a part of a country that abuses them, when they can fight to establish a new country that would respect them and serve them well.

Perhaps I have been asking the wrong question. Maybe, instead of asking why Black People don’t seek to separate and form their own government, I should be asking what Black People hope to gain by remaining a part of the United States. Could it be that they think they have acquired a standard of living in the United States that a Black independent country can’t provide them? If that means more to them than being abused, then they should stop complaining about the abuse- that’s simply part of the price that has to be paid for thinking so little of your own people’s capacity to excel. White people long ago recognized how intelligent and capable Black People are: Black intelligence, labor and ingenuity are seen in all aspects and facets of this country’s success. Without Us, the United States would not be nearly as rich or technologically advanced as it is. If We can’t see who We are because We are so focussed on seeing white people, then Black genocide has already been realized; for all intents and purposes whites have succeeded in erasing Blackness from the American mix.

There are some persons who have doubts about Our ability to resist US military interference if We succeed in separating from the United States. When the American colonies separated from England, England attempted to invade the new country in 1812. England failed, but even if it had succeeded the fundamental relationship between the two had been changed forever. The colonies had proven that they were equal to the English, and the element of inequality could not easily have been re-installed. Such would be the case when Black People succeed in establishing an independent Black nation. The fact that We would have succeeded would mean that the US could not dominate Us militarily, and such an expression of power on Our part would establish Our equality beyond contradiction. Certainly the US government would continue to try to destabilize Our country, but how that works out would be in the hands of people and governments outside of the United States. White power America would never again be such a dominating factor in Our lives and development. As a matter of fact, if the US government does not get assistance from negroes who form part of Our Black nation, there is no chance at all that the US government could cause relevant destabilization in Our Republic of New Afrika.

Of course, some Blacks would choose to remain a part of the United States because they are cowards. From a political and military perspective, a person who is afraid to fight for his rights as a human being does not deserve to be neither equal nor sovereign. And then, there are others who have convinced themselves that We don’t have what it takes to go Our own way and establish Our own nation. One would gain nothing by wondering if it is because they think so little of Black People, so much of white people or a combination of the two. The bottom line is that those who think they can’t do it, can’t do it. It is those of Us who think We can do it that are critical to Our Black nationalist initiatives.

The only real solution for Black People who presently live in the United States of America is Black Nationalism. The mere thought of Black Nationalism petrifies most Blacks of recent times, but the thought didn’t petrify the Blacks who were brought to this land as slaves. Their primary objective was to free themselves and establish their own nation. And later, when Black People freed themselves during the Civil War, their primary objective was to get as far away as they could from white power, and establish their own towns and govern themselves. What happened to Us? How did We get so off track that We started preferring inequality and abuse in a country controlled by white racists, to equality in a country controlled by Our own selves? We are willing to die while fighting to remain part of a country that despises Us, but We don’t try to establish a country that will serve Our interests because We are afraid white America might get mad and kill some of Us. There is something quite weird about that line of reasoning.

Black Nationalism is not a new idea. It was studied and analyzed throughout the 20th century by some of the most astute persons in the world, and deemed a viable solution to Our problems. It has been discussed in cities throughout the United States, in international conferences, and in the United Nations- and its ideological legitimacy has been firmly established. Whereas the inherent contradictions of assimilationist, integrationist and civil rightist initiatives have frustrated Us over and over again, Black nationalism has waited in the shadows, free of all of the inherent contradictions of the rest. Why are We NOT pushing it to the max? Why are We NOT pushing it to the max?

This has been going on for quite a while now. The only real solution, Black Nationalism, will take Us out of this rut for once and for all. Why are We NOT pushing it to the max?

We are Black People, We are not dark skinned white people. We need a nation of Our owns.