Course Outline

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Title of Course: Deconstructing White Power [AudioVersion]

[Note: This course does not involve an exam. However, if you want to receive a certificate or degree you will be required to write an essay on "The Deconstruction of White Power."]

INTRODUCTION: We Need to Stop Beating Around the Bush

Black People in the United States need to stop beating around the bush. We need to start ridding Ourselves of white domination. In addition to putting a hurt on Us physically, white power has stuck it to Us mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and some of Us, like strung out drug addicts, don't want to break themselves loose. But We need to become more committed to breaking loose and put more effort into breaking loose. Each of Us, individual by individual, has to break loose on the inside- mentally and emotionally. Once the mind and emotions have broken loose, the body will follow. Here's how We can start letting white America go.

Each of Us needs to go into Resist and Manage Mode; resist and manage the elements that are making it difficult for Us to let white America go. Let's review several of those elements.

"Pan-Africanism and Black Nationalism" [Essay Version] [Audio Version]

List of Classes

Class 1: Resist and Manage the FEAR Reflex [Essay and AudioVersion Included]

Class 2: VIOLENCE Resistance and Management [Essay and AudioVersionIncluded]

Class 3: FORMAL EDUCATION Resistance and Management [Essay and AudioVersion Included]

Class 4: LAW AND ORDER Resistance and Management [Essay and AudioVersion Included]

Class 5: ReConstructing Black Power [Essay and AudioVersion Included]

Class 6: DeConstruct Your WhitePower Frame of Mind [Essay and AudioVersion Included]

Class 7: Black Nationalism- The Only Real Solution [Essay and AudioVersion Included]