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Deconstructing White Power: Deconstruct Your White Power Frame of Mind [AudioVersion]



1. Do you think Black Nationalism is a viable political option for Black People who live in the United States of America?

2. If you have doubts about Black Nationalism or and independent Black country, what lies at the root of your doubt?

3. Do you think you are strong enough to advocate Black Nationalism before others are willing to do so?


Many of the persons who present alternative sources of information have not deconstructed their own white power frame of mind. You could be one of the sparks that catapult Black Nationalism into the minds and hearts of the Black masses. You could be one of the seeds that flourish and demonstrate that Black Nationalism is not only a viable solution but the best solution for Us as a people. But the problem is that you could have a white power standard inside of you that debases what you think about the abilities of Black People and limits your ability to see Us objectively.

Following are a few things you can do to help you break free of the psychological hooks white power has in you. Most of these pointers are taken from my Black Nationalism 201 course ( ).

#1: Stop thinking of yourself as a hyphenated American. The Republic of New Afrika is the name of the nation representing Black People who presently live in the United States of America and We are New Afrikans.

#2: Get a good understanding of the historical foundation for the establishment of Our own nation and government.

#3: Get a good understanding of the international laws that justify and support Our right to establish Our own nation and govern Ourselves.

#4: Unite with a few like-minded individuals and establish your own New Afrikan town, county or city, encourage others to become citizens of your town, etc. and encourage others to form their own New Afrikan town, city or county. Additionally, you can identify your present place of residence as a part of New Afrika. For example, you can tell people you live in Jackson, New Afrika- Detroit, New Afrika-, Chicago, New Africa- Memphis, New Africa, etc. You can also issue documents in the name of your city or town; documents like IDs, birth certificates, drivers licenses, whatever you all deem necessary and/or appropriate. You can sponsor social programs under the auspices of your New African town, propose and effect educational initiatives, combat hunger, delinquency and teenage pregnancy, for example; all under the auspices of your own city and county. And you can work hand in hand with citizens from other New Afrikan towns, counties and cities to initiate similar programs under the auspices of the New Afrikan nation. If you can play a productive role in a church, civic organization or whatever as a resident of the United States of America, you can do likewise as a citizen of a New Afrikan town, county or city. The only difference is possessing a frame of mind that has freed itself of white power’s psychological hooks. [You might want to read this]

Take note: You are not limited by the physical limitations of traditional town, counties and cities. Individuals in different parts of the USA can be functioning citizens of the same New Afrikan municipality.

#5. Realize that you cannot control what other persons do, nor can you control factors that are beyond your influence. The only thing you can control is your INPUT, so critique success or failure based on what YOU do or fail to do. Don’t let the shortcomings of others put you in a funk or cause you to opt out of Our struggle. You have to be stronger than that. To deconstruct your white power frame of mind and reconstruct a Black Power reality you have to be avant-garde, you have to be audacious.
At times you might have to stick out like a sore thumb, but don't let that deter you. We have a nation to represent, and We need to do it to the max.

We are Black People, We are not dark-skinned white people. We need a nation of Our own.

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