Course Outline

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Deconstructing White Power: Is the Education We Receive Worth the Price We're Paying? [AudioVersion]



(1) Why do you think Black People refuse to take control of the formal education of Black children?

(2) Everyone seems to be convinced that if We get a better education We will be quaified for a better job. No one ever addresses what the education We are getting is costing Us. In your opinion, is the education Black People get in the United States worth the price We are paying as a people?

(3) Do you think Black students have been systematically MIS-educated?


Do you know how easy it can be to miseducate a group of people? All you have to do is misrepresent some facts, omit a few of them or flat out lie, and there is a good chance it will take root because most students and parents are not going to fact check what teachers are teaching. Additionally, the fact that you can decrease your chances of getting a good grade or being recommended for a good job or college if you consistently challenge what your teachers say intimidates you into taking their word for it.

Did you know that most of the teachers and educators We come into contact with are not researchers but persons who repeat what others have written or told them, and they are just as prone to fall for bad information as anyone else? And in the same way the students are reluctant to challenge teachers because they might not get a good grade, the teachers are afraid of challenging their higher ups because it might complicate their job situation or prospects for a promotion. How many teachers do you know who want more pay or are concerned about losing their job? I'd say just about all of them. Teachers are going to teach according to the guidelines because teachers are instruments of propaganda that are controlled by white power America's public and private school system. That system despises Black People, so Black People should stay as far away from it as they can.

We have to ask Ourselves if what We are gaining is worth what We are losing when We place so much value on obtaining a "good" education. Let's not forget that a step forward for some Black individuals is not a step forward for Black People. The fact that a few Black individuals get into white universities and acquire good paying jobs does not mean that the education system is serving Black People well, nor does it mean discrimination in the employment arena is ending. Should those of Us, the mass majority I might add, who are systematically victimized by the education process tolerate it because a few Blacks are allowed to get good jobs and earn a decent living? Is rewarding a few Blacks who toe white America's line worth the lack of justice and racial esteem the rest of Us have to endure?

Why haven't We been taught that cops like the one who killed Michael Brown are breaking the law because they have no legal right to take on an aggressive role in a community that is overwhelmingly populated by Black persons? Article 4 of UN Resolution #1514, The Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples, states: "All armed action or repressive measures of all kinds directed against dependent peoples shall cease in order to enable them to exercise peacefully and freely their right to complete independence, and the integrity of their national territory shall be respected." Why haven't We been taught that such a law exists? Since We have been victims of racist discrimination for hundreds of years, shouldn't learning that be part of Our education?

And why haven't white America's teachers told Us what "dependent people" are? Why don't teachers tell Us that We were free, self governing people in Africa before white people came and kidnapped Us? Why don't teachers tell Us that during the Civil War We freed Ourselves, and shortly thereafter the US government used force to make Us take on a dependent status that served their purpose? The intent of that act of aggression against Us was not to make Us US citizens. What it did in reality was to rob Us of the opportunity to establish Our own nation.

We have to make a conscious effort to resist the materialistic spell of white power America's education system. By letting white America and its colored agents educate Us We are giving up too much of value. A good paying job and a house close to white people ins't worth the surrendering Our rights as a free and independent people. The best thing We can do to gain more control over the education of Our people is take Our children out of white America's public and private school systems and teach them to be intelligent Black nationalists.

White America's education system stamps white power's standards on Us: what SMART is, what APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR is, what SUCCESS is, what CORRECT is, what BEAUTY is, etc. When it comes to things of value like that, We need to be stamped with Black standards. The farther We get away from white power America's educational priorities, the better off We will be.