Course Outline

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Deconstructing White Power: Law and Order Management [AudioVersion]



1. When white people went to Africa in search of slaves, did they respect the law and order priorities of the African people?

2. What fundamental role did Black People play in the law and order priorities established by white America?

3. Explain why you should respect a law and order system that victimizes your own people?


Black People were free and self governing people on the African continent, but white people ignored Our law and order, kidnapped Us and brought Us to North America as slaves. In the United States We fought against the law and order of slave barons and freed Ourselves during the Civil War. After the Civil War ended Our stature as a free people was ignored by the law and order forces of the United States government, and We were forced to take on United States "citizenship" status. In actuality, We had not become citizens of the United States, We had become a colonized nation of people.

From free, law abiding and self governing people in Africa to enslaved people in a faraway land. From enslaved people in 1860 to free once again in 1861 (We had started freeing Ourselves long before Abraham Lincoln penned his Emancipation Proclamation); and from free people (during the Civil War) to colonized people again a few months later (via the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments). During all of this time, all of these hundreds of years, We were never signatories to any white law like the Mayflower Compact or Constitution of the United States, We never had any input as to what type of country the United States was going to be, and no one consulted Us when local laws and ordinances were enacted to promote the "public" welfare. In short, there is nothing Black about neither the structure, infrastructure nor "law and order of the United States of America.

This country reflects poorly on Our values and concerns, so it would be good if We asked Ourselves a few questions like “What is law?”. What is order? Does “law and order” necessarily equate to justice? Is there anything divine or inherently good about “law and order”? If elements of one group’s “law and order” unfairly restrict the development of another group, is it wise for the other group to be “law abiding”? If elements of one group’s “law and order” unfairly restrict the development of another group, shouldn’t that other group have the right to ignore those elements and create another “law and order” code that is more “just”? These are only a few of hundreds of questions We need to consider when assessing how Black People in the United States should respond to white power America’s laws and concept of order.

One thing is certain. Our response to white power law and order should not be spontaneous, nor should it be dominated by fear. Our responses to white power law and order should not be that of a criminal, it should be that of an independence seeker or freedom fighter. The “law and order” that dominates the United States of America is the product of racists, thieves and liars. Why should We blindly abide by what racists, thieves and liars have instituted? What moral ground does their law and order stand on?

We are Black People, We are not dark skinned white people. We need a nation of Our own.