Course Outline

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Deconstructing White Power: Reconstructing Black Power [AudioVersion]




1. What is the difference between equality on an individual level and equality on a group level?

2. Do you understand that Black People in the United States of America have the legal right to establish a Black nation on land that is presently part of the US of A?

3. What have you learned about Black Nationalism or the Republic of New Afrika during your educational journey?


Nature will not tolerate a vacuum, and human beings will not tolerate one for long. Therefore, it does little good to deconstruct white power if We do not simultaneously reconstruct Black Power because people need to be thinking about what they can turn to to replace what they need to abandon. As a matter of fact, the best way to deconstruct white power is to concentrate time, intelligence, resources and energy in the reconstruction of a Black Power reality. The most important place for this Black Power reality to exist is in the hearts and minds of each individual. Once a Black Power reality is inside of an individual, that individual will begin acting as a Black Power unit or seed. That single Black Power seed can flourish and make Our existing Black nation, the Republic of New Afrika, more relevant than it has ever been. More about that in the next class.

There are several web sites and internet locations that are doing a good job of exposing alternative perspectives along with facts and events that have previously been kept under wraps and cover. These alternative sources of information help Us construct a different image of who We are and what Our history is. They help combat the mis-education that white power America has reaped on Us for hundreds of years, but if an alternative orientation is not presented as guidance or food for thought, the benefit is critically diminished. It is not enough to teach different facts and events; the key is to suggest alternatives that will help Us disassociate from the construct that has abused Us (white power). Producing more Black individuals that can thrive within an abusive and anti-Black system can not be a goal of politically mature people. We must look far beyond that. Our goals should be to convert the new information and perspectives into something that generates real gains for Us today and in the future. We have to understand what it is We need do to make the new revelations pay social and political dividends for Us now and henceforward.

It is of the utmost importance to seek equality as a group of people. Equality on an individual level is problematic because countries and organized groups are the architects of power structures. If white people in North America have a government they can call their own and Black People in North America have no such government, then equality between white persons and Black persons is not possible. Black individuals cannot be equal to white individuals if white people can establish a law and order structure that serves their purpose, but Black People can not. In a world where countries and groups of people are the organizers of power structures, Black People cannot be equal until We form a law and order structure that validates Our legitimacy as an independent group and promotes Our well-being. Those who are struggling for the well-being of Black People must understand this and make it part of their teachings and educational activities.

We are Black People, We are not dark skinned white people. We need a nation of Our own.