Course Outline

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Deconstructing White Power: Violence Management [AudioVersion]



1. Can you explain what violence management means?

2. Do you think there are situations that justify the use of violence?

3. What is at the core of yur fear of violence?


Wolves do not respect lambs. In order to gain respect, the lamb has to show a callous disregard for the wolf's well being.

The US of A is the most violent country in the world. How are We supposed to defend Ourselves against this country's excesses if We let others convince Us that violence is unacceptable? So We have to understand that organized violence in defense of Our rights is not only justified, it is what any normal human being in this situation would resort to. White power America has used group violence at least three times to deny Black People Our right to govern Ourselves. White violence was used to kidnap Us from Africa because they wanted an unpaid labor force. Then, white violence was used against Us after the end of the Civil War. As soon as the Civil War started We began freeing Ourselves, and within the next 18 months We had freed Ourselves. Abraham Lincoln did not free Us, We freed Ourselves, and War measures effected during the Civil War recognized Us as free people. When the US congress passed the 13th Amendment that recognized Our freedom, We were already free and independent people. As such, the US government did not have the right to use the 14th Amendment to make Us citizens of the United States. That, in and of itself, was an act of war against Our sovereignty. Thirdly, the US government used violence against Us by murdering and illegally incarcerating Black participants in the Black liberation movement in the 1960s and 1970s. We were informing people of their rights, and that is not a criminal activity. We did nothing that should have merited the violent response white power waged against Our right to govern Oursselves.

The only way We can mitigate the level of violence white power perpetrates against Us is by responding to their organized violence with Our organized violence. Every patch of Black People across this country must be organized to defend itself against white violence. If We don't We run the risk of being wiped out.

What do We have to do? Number 1, We have to Control the violence perpetrated by white power and carried out by white authority figures and others of that ilk in the Black community. No one should be able to come into Our communities, shoot at Us or attack Us and leave in good health.

Number 2, We have to Control the violence perpetrated by white power and carried out by Black persons and groups in the Black community. We need to discipline those Blacks who are shooting other Blacks because they are committing a crime against all of Us when they do, and there are consequences for that. We have to understand that this "Black on Black" crime is really another level of white on Black crime because white institutions are raising those individuals and priming them to wreak havoc within Our communities, but understanding that does not rid Us of the responsibility to control those dark skin, unwitting tools of white power.

And Number 3, We have to organize Ourselves for Self Defense purposes. Once We inform the USA that We are ready to take control of the land that We have a right to and establish Our own government, they are going to attack Us even more, and We have to be able to make them pay for doing so.

Article 15 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says "Everyone has the right to a nationality, and No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality." We were free when the Civil War ended. We did not choose to be US citizens, the United States arbitrarily deprived Us of Our nationality and "made" Us US citizens because it was to the US's political advantage to do so. It's time to correct that wrong, and because the US government relies so much on violence, We will have to use violence in an organized manner in order to protect Ourselves.