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Title of Course: Black Psychology 101: "Exploring the Anti-Black Mindset" Instructor: Mba Mbulu [Essay and Audio Versions Included]

Textbook: Black Skin, White Masks by Frantz Fanon. Buy this book from a Black book store. Text will be supplemented by excerpts of Mba Mbulu.

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The objectives of this course are many. One involves recognizing an outstanding book by Frantz Fanon, a brilliant Black man whose works have been all but ignored by the status quo purveyors of Black Studies and "education" in general. A second is to show that, 50 years after the writing of Black Skin, White Masks, Black People in the United States still perceive of their potential and capabilities within an unnaturally limited context. Yet a third is to show how the psychological scarring of Black People predisposes the best educated among Us to be anti-Black: anti-Black Nationalism, anti-Black centric, anti-Black whatever; and how this contributes to indications of "dependence" on their part. And the fourth is to show that, in addition to being victims of racism, Black People in the United States demonstrate all of the qualities of a people who have been victimized by colonialism.

This course is not meant to be just another academic exercise. Since knowledge alone has never saved anyone, We must not only explore and understand, We must do so with the objective of neutralizing the forces and individuals that restrain Us. We must do so with the objective of asserting Blackness and molding the world to Our liking. [Top]


Black Psychology 101 Classes
"Exploring the Anti-Black Mindset"

  Class #1 To Speak Is To Assume A Culture
 Class #2 To Speak Is To Exist For The Other
 Class #3 The Beginning of Inferiority
 Class #4 The Educated
  Class #5 The Psychosis of Recognition
 Class #6 The Negro's Mental Illness
 Class #7 Mixed Relationships
 Class #8 Black Responses to White Racism: Sensible or Psychopathic?
 Class #9 Black Responses to White Racism: Unreasonable or Normal?
 Class #10 By Way of Conclusion
Class #11 To Be Healthy Again
Class #12 Facing Up To Reality